First month reflections

I can hardly believe a month has already passed. That said, I already feel so settled here that it feels like I have been here forever. In this first month I have done so much more than I would in the average January… I have a fantastic group of friends; likeminded girls and guys who […]

Exercising my brain

Marhaba, Keyf Haalkum (or hello, how are you)? I have decided that along with (occasionally) putting my body through its paces in the gym I should also put my mind through its paces in the classroom to create a bit of body/mind balance (or just to learn something new) With this in mind, I signed […]

In praise of long weekends

This weekend marks my first long weekend in Saudi Arabia, and for me one of the best things about this is 3 lie-ins! I’ve always loved a lie-in but I do seem to appreciate them more now. Let me explain… The working week in Saudi Arabia runs from Sunday through to Thursday, it still feels […]

A beautiful place to live

Ten days into my new life in Saudi Arabia and I am loving it. The people are friendly, helpful and really go out of their way to make you feel welcome in their country. I am also lucky enough to live in an extremely beautiful part of the country, as I’m sure you will agree […]

New Year

A slightly belated Happy New Year! As New Year is not a Saudi celebration – a lunar calendar is used here so new year falls on a different day – and we had work (orientation) the next day, my friends and I decided we would have a quiet night in with pizza and some Saudi […]