In praise of long weekends

This weekend marks my first long weekend in Saudi Arabia, and for me one of the best things about this is 3 lie-ins! I’ve always loved a lie-in but I do seem to appreciate them more now.

Let me explain… The working week in Saudi Arabia runs from Sunday through to Thursday, it still feels strange that today is Friday and it’s the weekend; although that isn’t half as strange as going back to work on Sunday. My working hours are 7am until 4pm, which is great. I’m home by 4.30pm most days and have the rest of the afternoon/evening to myself. What isn’t so great is my alarm going off at 5.15am. When I was younger I was a real morning person and getting up was never an issue. Now for whatever reason I struggle with early mornings so you can imagine my joy when my alarm bursts into life at this ‘middle of the night’ time. That said, the last two mornings I have been awake before my alarm but this doesn’t mean I’ve found actually getting up any easier… However my bus leaves at 6.30am and it’s the only one I can catch to be in work on time so I do have to get up.

As a result of these early morning, by 9pm I am shattered and ready for bed. It feels slightly ridiculous going to bed at 9pm, but the few times I have stayed up later have left me wrecked the next day! Again, I think this is a period of adjustment and I’ll soon be in a routine where these hours start to feel ‘normal’. Although this may mean that when I come home at Christmas I’ll be up and raring to go at 2am…

So what are the plans for this long weekend? Lots of relaxing, chilling in the sun and seeing friends. A big factor, in accordance with the above-mentioned lie-ins, is my bed. At the moment I have a single bed which is a strange experience, however it will be replaced by a double at the end of the month. The main thing though is that it’s comfy and I can lie in it for hours with a coffee, some toast and my kindle. In case I’m not being very clear – I looovvvve my bed!!

It’s been a busy few weeks since I arrived in Saudi Arabia, everything is so new and exciting and I feel like I’ve done a lot so I am really looking forward to simply kicking back in the sun and relaxing. With my SPF50 of course – it may only be January and the sun isn’t that strong but there is nothing attractive about sunburn so I’m not taking any chances.

Happy Friday wherever you are and what ever you are doing. I’m off to make my first coffee of the morning.

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