Exercising my brain

Marhaba, Keyf Haalkum (or hello, how are you)?

I have decided that along with (occasionally) putting my body through its paces in the gym I should also put my mind through its paces in the classroom to create a bit of body/mind balance (or just to learn something new)

With this in mind, I signed up for beginners Arabic classes with 3 of my friends. I was a little nervous about this as the last time I learned a language was at high school – too many years ago to mention!! Our first lesson, as expected, covered a lot of basics including the Arabic alphabet which has 28 letters rather than 26. I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to write in Arabic – when written well it is beautiful but a lot of the letters are very similar and I’d say it takes a lot of practice and care to get it right!

It was an interesting lesson and the pronunciation wasn’t as difficult as I had expected. The course teaches us Saudi Arabic as opposed to formal Arabic which will be much better for conversation with colleagues, people in shops, random strangers I may accosted in the street in order to practice!! We will also learn a little about Saudi culture as the lessons progress and I’m looking forward to that too.

So be prepared for the occasional Saudi word or phrase (with translation of course…. maybe….) creeping into the posts as lessons progress.

For now I will say ma’ is-salaamma. Hope you are ha big a great Sunday

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