One day

Mostly my posts are about all the fun stuff I do here so, I thought I would tell you a little bit about an average day. So let’s take last Wednesday, although I was preparing to move it wasn’t all that different form normal.

My alarm goes off at 5.15am. When this happens my head tends to think ‘noooooooooo!!!!’ Then I hit snooze for 15 minutes. By 5.30 ive, mostly, come to terms with the fact that I need to get up. Sometimes I need another 15 minutes which I end up regretting as it makes the morning so rushed. Once I’m up, showered and dressed I often realise I’m not as tired as I originally thought I was. My bus leaves for work at 6.30am and takes around 10 minutes to get to my office.

Once in the office I switch on my pc and make green tea for my boss and myself. This will come as a surprise to those who know how much coffee I used to drink through the day back home. The reason for the switch is that the preference here is to use something similar to condensed milk, rather than normal milk, in tea and coffee and its not good. So I’m now taking the much healthier route, supplemented by the occasional cappuccino that my colleague brings me or a couple of coffees at home at the weekend.

My boss travels a lot so my most regular job is to organise travel requests. This is all done via our in-house travel department so all I have to do is make sure I have the correct dates and times and the travel department book the flights. Occasionally I’ll be asked to arrange a meeting or check details of things but on the whole my job is far from stressful. I have a good boss and lovely colleagues so, although I would prefer to be busier, the days pass quickly and I rarely feel bored.

My working day finishes at 4pm and I am home by 4.20 or thereabouts. As Wednesday is Cross Fit night (my new favourite thing – I love it!) I’ll have a light snack, usually some cereal, then meet my friend Michelle at 5.45 for our 6pm start. An hour later, feeling amazing but ready to drop, we’ll head home stopping off at the shop for some groceries or at the dining hall for salad with fish or eggs if we don’t want to cook at home. We have the food as take away as there is no way I could eat so soon after a workout.

Then it’s home, shower and bed by 9.30 (10.30 at very latest) as I can’t cope with the early mornings any other way!

So that’s Wednesday. Other evenings are as follows: Sunday: Arabic class, Monday: walking and yoga, Tuesday: Arabic class, Wednesday: Cross Fit, Thursday: the weekend so either dinner, a party, going away or just chilling.

Weekends are usually busy but one thing is for sure, with the early mornings I most definitely appreciate a lie in these days.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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