You shall go to the ball

Last weekend my friends and I attended a ball held by the Irish Society. A massive big ‘thank you’re to the lovely Avril for arranging tickets for us!

The run up to the event was lots of fun in itself. Ballgowns for four please!! After much searching through every shop possible we were eventually all kitted out in fabulous gowns and shoes. Next up the beautification – hair (an amazing curly blow dry for each of my friends as they all have long hair and a sleek Gatsby-esque style for me), eyebrows threaded (regular readers know by now how important this is) and nails done (by ourselves!).

As we arrived at work on Thursday we looked like we were going on holiday. Our security guard on the gate was most amused!!

We landed lucky crossing the Causeway to Bahrain and were in our hotel for 5pm. We were kept ‘entertained’ on the way by a full blown punch up between two drivers who had bumped while trying to cut in and out of different lanes. Although I’m making light of this, it wasn’t pleasant to see. Thankfully our driver had managed to pass both cars before the fight started so we weren’t actually caught up on it. Tempers run high at the gates (immigration, vehicle documentation checks, etc).

Once in our hotel – Elite Grand, a lovely hotel that we always use – it was quick shower and into our gowns. We all looked amazing if I do say so myself. Sophisticated and glamorous and if I had a laptop to work from I would post pictures. If you are friends with me on Facebook have a look on my timeline.

Even though it did take some time to get served at the bar and we were a little surprised that dinner was a buffet, the evening was a great success. In true Cinderella style we left before midnight, but none of us lost a shoe so there was no handsome Prince trying to track us down the next morning!

What we did do the next morning was fairly normal stuff. Cheryl and I went shopping for around 4.5 hours (anyone going on a spending spree check out Zara, they have some amazing clothes right now) whilst Miranda and Bed had planned to sunbathe at the rooftop pool but it was too windy so they had a relaxing day at the hotel.

That evening we ate at Bushido, the most goegeous Japanese restaurant. The food and atmosphere are outstanding, it’s such a glamorous setting, a perfect place to eat and enjoy some pre-order cocktails –

After the meal I was feeling pretty rotten, nothing to do with food or drink, I have a cold and was running a bit of a temperature, I decided to return to the hotel whilst my friends went clubbing. In bed by 10pm on a Friday night in Bahrain… Not good!!!

Saturday saw us head off to Ric’s Kountry Kitchen (a Southern American style place) and though I still wasn’t feeling great I ordered breakfast. The scrambled egg on toast I just couldn’t face but the blueberry pancakes were amazing, even though I only managed half of one! Fuelled up we headed back to the mall to pass time before our taxi arrived to take us home. All in all another fantastic weekend in Bahrain!

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