Ladies who brunch

The tallest building in the world - I still can't believe I went up there!!
The tallest building in the world – I still can’t believe I went up there!!

Last weekend I headed off with my lovely ladies for brunch in Dubai.  This is my second trip to Dubai (with one more to go before the end of the year) and I really do love it.   There is so much to see and do and such a great buzz and energy about it.

We were headed to Bahrain airport on Thursday after work and were, quite frankly, dreading the end-of-the-month traffic on the Causeway.  However, Stephanie said we should send positive thoughts to the universe and the universe replied with minimal delays!  We were in Bahrain in little over an hour!!  We made such good time we had to wait on check in opening, after which we went for a wander around Duty Free and a bar snack – including my first deviation from my Primal eating plan.  More on this in another post, but iit is seriously difficult to be Primal and pescatarian in an airport!

We were soon in our way and one hour later we were in Dubai and making our way to our various homes for the weekend: Sam to her friend JK’s apartment, Miranda to her friend Kerry’s apartment and Stephanie, Bex, Cheryl and I to the Hawthorne Suites on Jumeirah Beach.  We had a nice suite, in a good location for one of our main reasons for the trip – brunch at Atlantis

When we arrived at the Atlantis on Friday we were blown away both by the hotel and by the amazing Halloween decor and costumes (due to luggage restrictions we had decided against fancy dress).  There were literally hundreds of people waiting to go brunch but we were soon. In the restaurant and being handed a lovely glass of fizz on the way in.  The restaurant was also decorated for Halloween with orange and black balloons everywhere, spider webs, skeletons and the obligatory Halloween style tunes!  Monster Mash anyone?

The food and drink selection was outstanding, this is way above and beyond anything we have experienced so far in Bahrain.  There were food sections for sushi/seafood, roasts, Chinese, Thai, Indian,  breads and cheeses, salads, pastas, fresh fruit, mini desserts, ice cream, a chocolate fountain and quite possibly more that I just didn’t manage to see!  The drinks were equally impressive vodka, gin, whiskey (not a typo Scottish friends, it was sponsored by Jamesons), tequila, and cocktails in watermelons, pineapples and coconuts.  Oh and beers too.  Basically something for everyone, I’m pretty sure even the most picky eater could find something to enjoy here!  I had already decided I would stray from Primal during brunch and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed everything I ate and drank!!

After brunch we headed back to Kerry’s apartment (which has stunning vies over the marina – lucky Kerry!!) for a drink before heading out to Zero Gravity a really cool, laid back club near the Skydive Dubai complex.  We were feeling very well looked after – Sam’s friend works in the drinks industry and had got us a table and drinks.  We were joined by Sara, her boyfriend Chin and Sara’s parents – Iovely people and we all had a fantastic time.

The next day we had a bit of a lie in then packed our bags and headed off for food and our visit to the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.  What an experience.  We booked the package that allowed us to go to the 148th floor – this isn’t the very top, but as I’m scared of heights it was high enough!!  I was a little bit apprehensive going out to the viewing deck but once out, apart from feeling a little bit dizzy when I looked down, I was fine.  In fact we all agreed the most dizzying experience was in the ‘white room’ and that was near the bottom – a very weird experience!  It was quite a hazy day but the views were still amazing, at one point we saw a helicopter fly lower than where we were standing. I’m glad we took the option to go as high as we could, if we hadn’t I’d be forever wondering what was up there!!

After our visit we made a pit stop at the deli in the Armani HHotelwhich, as you would expect, was very luxurious.  We ordered a selection of breads, antipasti and pork and spoke champagne (Grey Goose vodka with soda for Bex which, at £27 was more expensive than the pork!!).  We then ‘had’ to walk through Mall of Dubai to find a taxi and oh my goodness!!! Shopping heaven!  I almost had whiplash within 5 seconds, I didn’t know where to look first.  The Mall is huge and I only saw a tiny part of it but I already know that a shopping trip is a must for next year.

We bundled into a taxi, collected our bags and headed to the airport.  Back in Bahrain the Universe was on our side again, we sailed across the Causeway with no delays to be back in Dhahran tired but very, very happy.

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