The stat connection

Today’s Daily Prompt involves checking your stats to see my top 3-5 posts and evaluating why they were so popular.

I was surprised to find that, although my blog is primarily a travel blog, my top posts are only loosely travel related.  One of the main reasons for this, I think, is the fact that I took part in the BloggingU Blogging101 course in January which enabled me to connect with lots of other lovely bloggers (and discover some cool new blogs as well).

This is quite encouraging to me as I wasn’t sure whether I should mix up travel with other subjects but now I’m confident it’s okay to do this.

The top posts?

These ones…

  • Time Out
  • What do you mean there is no wifi?
  • Kick It:  What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?
  • Liebster Award for Saudi Arabia and other stories (you will find links to some more great blogs here!)
  • The Art of Saying ‘No’


3 thoughts on “The stat connection

  1. As a fellow BloggingU participant, I have now noticed that short hits,i.e. photo posts/challenges/minimal words, are the ones that draw most likes and follows. I challenged myself to join into daily photo challenges, bi-weekly posting etc, but the photo ones seem to draw the most attention..that leads onwards with likes and follows, leading me to believe that plenty of visuals, carefully constructed are a small key to more likes and follows … just my thoughts..when you hit the Reader, how much time do you have to read ? Short, concise posts with good visuals seem to be the ones that make it as a beginner unless you have background and can pontificate …

    1. This is a really good point Vicky. It’s likely that people don’t have a lot of time to read lengthy posts so a few paragraphs and we’ll chosen photos could work best. I will give this a try. Loved your recent photos of Dubai.

  2. Interesting insight. I’m still trying to figure out which ones are popular on my blog. But the long ones didn’t work out too well, just like Vicky said. 🙂 I’ve signed up for photography101 in March. Let’s see if that helps.

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