Intimacy and the Ego

I’m a huge fan of Ryan Weiss”Waking Up With Ryan’ emails after being introduced to them by a friend almost a year ago.

This week, Ryan is focusing on intimacy, not specifically on romantic intimacy but rather the intimate relationship you have with yourself.  One big question he asked is:  Who am I?  Who do you believe yourself to be – are you simply your flesh and bones or do you believe you are an eternal spirit (this I refer to as Self)?  Do you believe that once you die that is it, or do you think there is more?

How do you deal with your thoughts and your body?  Do you fill your body with junk food and not worry too much about the consequences?  Do you exercise or move regularly or is this something you struggle to fit into your life?  What about your thoughts – are you plagued by an inner dialogue of comments telling you that you aren’t good enough, rich enough, thin enough, working hard enough?  All these negative thoughts and behaviours are the work of the ego.  Even if you have tried to make changes in your life, you may find that no matter how hard you try, the voice of the ego is constantly chattering away, reinforcing the negative beliefs and fears that you hold on to.

Changing these damaging patterns and letting go of the fears can be difficult, particularly if they have built up over a number of years.  However, once you can accept that you are more than just your flesh and bones (this isn’t necessarily a religious belief, just a belief that there is something more, or a higher power of some sort that has your back and is looking out for your best interests) it can free you to start to realize your potential and shake the limiting false beliefs, and this in turn makes it easier to silence the ego.

Through the Waking Up With Ryan emails and the Spirit Junkies Masterclass, I am starting to learn and appreciate the power of a Higher being (I call it my Higher Self) and that in surrendering to my Higher Self I can create space to focus and grow, thus lowering the volume on the ego.  I won’t pretend this is easy.  There are still many days when I have self-doubts and wonder if I’m doing the right thing and heading down the right path with my dream to be a Wellness Coach.  I still have the thoughts that tell me I’m not good enough to do this sort of work and who am I to think that people will be interested in working with me.  However I’ve been listening to my ego for more than 30 years so it’s not going to shut up and let me go overnight!

Ego is doing it’s best to keep me hooked but so long as I remember that I have guidance from my Higher Self, and so long as I work on strengthening my intimate relationship with my Self, getting to know my Self better, I will overcome these fears and see things differently.

What fears are holding you back from living the life you would love to live?  Could you imagine putting your trust in your Higher Self, (if you’re not comfortable with this term, choose a word you are more at ease with) and be open to guidance?

If you are open to these ideas, why not try to enhance the intimate relationship you have with your Self?  Voice your fears to your Higher Self and put your trust in his/her ability to guide you on the right path.  You can choose to voice your fears and ask for guidance through prayer, through journaling, or just from talking to your Higher Self in your head.  With an open heart and mind, and belief in the guidance that is on offer to you, that life you would love to live could be closer than you think.




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