Primal Confessions

When I switched my Blog over to The Mindful Journey, one of the things I promised to do was to be honest about my Primal food journey.  So now it’s confession time…

While I was on holiday in Prague I found it very easy to eat to a Primal template.  The traditional foods in the Czech Republic are very much based around meat and vegetables, food that I really enjoy.  I did have a few beers which are most definitely not Primal but on the whole I was happy with what I ate and drank.  I’ve spent enough of my life feeling guilty over what I eat and drink that I refuse to waste any more time on it so if I’m on holiday and I want to have something off-plan I will do so mindfully and guilt free.

Cut to the return from holiday.  Returning at 2am with a 7am start at work is not something I would recommend – however I enjoyed the holiday so much I would do it again.  What I would not do again is empty my fridge and freezer of all food before going on holiday.  This was a huge mistake as after 3.5 hours sleep I was in need of a shower and a coffee which didn’t leave time for pre-work food shopping.  By the end of my working day at 4pm I was exhausted and resorted to takeaway.  Which wasn’t so bad – salmon, veg and potato wedges.

From there things just didn’t seem to get back on track.  It took me a few days to catch up on sleep and get to the shops but even then I struggled to stick to a Primal template and I found myself slowly reverting to my old ways of having a kit-kat with my coffee in the afternoon, a packet of crisps in the evening, ordering pizza or chili and chips when I couldn’t be bothered to cook etc.

Now that I’ve gotten over this hurdle again and I’m taking time to look at what happened, and I’ve identified two problems:  the return of emotional eating, and not prioritizing food prep.

Before I went to Prague I started the Spirit Junkie Masterclass – an online version of Gabby Bernstein’s course (it’s fabulous!).  It’s a very spiritual journey and involves getting in touch with a lot of emotions.  The module I dived straight into after my holiday was emotionally tough.  It dredged up thoughts, feelings and memories that I hadn’t thought about in years and that I had no idea would still affect me.

This led me to feel that for the time being I should concentrate on learning my new tools for dealing with emotions (Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping – more about this in a later post) and Meditation) and just eat as I felt the need whilst I was doing this work.

Now that I have completed this part of the course, and learned a lot about myself and my emotional responses, I feel much clearer in my head and ready to return to my Primal template.  By Sunday morning I was craving vegetables and salad – a sure sign that I was ready to mend my ways!

The other thing that happened was my day went something like this:  get up at 5.30am and work from 7am until 4pm.  Come home, read/relax for a bit before going to the gym, shower, remember I needed to eat but I also needed not to fall behind on my course.  Phone for takeaway or grab some chocolate, cheese or crisps while I did my coursework…

Now I’m back on track, I have two weeks remaining of the Spirit Junkies course, and I will continue to work on myself after the course ends, being aware of my emotions, being open to guidance from my Higher Self and the Universe (it is made clear in the course that you use whichever word you are most comfortable with: for some people it’s God, for some it’s Spirit, for me it’s Higher Self and Universe – the course is non-denominational and through the online forum I’ve met lovely people from all over the world, some are religious, some are not) and continuing to grow and learn.  I will also make sure to have one free afternoon over the weekend to shop and prepare food for the coming week so that I don’t find myself hungry and resorting to takeaway.

In the meantime I’m incredibly happy to have turned my back on the emotional eating, to have learned from it and to re-embrace delicious Primal meals.


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