Magical Monday: Mind, Body & Spirit

The theme for this weeks’ Magical Monday is Mind, Body and Spirit.

Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday by indulging in cake, prosecco and all sorts of carb-laden foods that I don’t eat on a regular basis.  Although I’m suffering the consequences now (I’ll spare you the details!) I enjoyed every single bite of everything I ate and drank so there’s no guilt here – and this in itself is a massive shift for me, I’ve often felt guilt over food choices in the past.

Today though I’m making my Monday Magical by mindfully choosing to eat fresh, whole foods and drink lots of healthy drinks to cleanse my system.  This includes starting my day with hot water with lemon and ginger, a coffee (because I love coffee), water with milk thistle (good for giving the kidneys a helping hand after an indulgent weekend), and regular good old plain water.  I have also fasted from dinner at 7pm last night through until lunch time.  After work I will meet with friends to exercise.  This takes care of the ‘Body’ part.

For Mind and Spirit I have committed to setting aside at least one hour every day to meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes, followed by journaling.  I tend not to journal on a specific topic (unless of course there is something bothering me that I want to write about) but rather just let things flow and see what comes up.  If any issues come up during my journaling I will then spend some time tapping on the issue.

Tapping is one of the best and most effective tools I have learned on my journey and I will write a fuller post about it soon.

In the meantime, what can you do for Mind, Body and Spirit that will make your Monday Magical?

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