Give it your all – one thing at a time

We are always told that the ability to multi-task is a good thing.  However, when you multi-task and feel like you’re getting lots done, how much attention are you paying to each thing you’re doing?  Do you feel absorbed in the task at hand or do you feel stressed and rushed as you jump from one thing to the next?

For today, why not try to do one thing at a time.  Choose one task and give it your full concentration.  Look carefully at what you need to do to complete the task, use all of your senses and pay attention to how you feel as you work.

You may find that you get the job done more quickly than you would if you were trying to do two or more things at once, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get it done without any errors.

How does it feel to completely loose yourself in the task at hand?  What thoughts, feelings, sights, smells, even tastes were you aware of as you were working?

This is a very simple way to be Mindful and it can make your day feel so much better – more organized, easier to manage, less stressful.

If you try this little experiment for yourself, please use the comments below to let me know how you got on.

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