5 Senses Mindfulness

Think back on your day, do you think you were pretty focused and present or did you sort of drift through it, only vaguely aware of what was going on around you?

If you feel you were focused, if I asked you what did you do on your lunch break what would you be able to tell me?  Would you remember exactly what you ate for lunch?  Where you ate lunch?  What your friend (or the person next to you in the sandwich shop) was wearing?

So many times we miss the details, small things maybe but they all add up to make the wonderful tapestry of our daily lives.

Take a moment right now – what do you see?  what do you hear?  what do you smell?  what do you taste?  what do you touch?

I’m writing this at home on my laptop.  I see around me the furnishings of my apartment – my chair and sofa, a coffee table.  I hear the quiet hum of the fridge in the kitchen and the clicking of my fingers on the keys as I type.  I smell my new candle – blackberry & vanilla, it’s lovely.  I taste raspberries as I just had a few while preparing the ingredients for my morning smoothie.  I touch the smooth plastic of the keys and I feel the softness of my dressing gown and fluffy slippers (I’m always so glamorous when I’m writing these posts!!).

Do I spend every part of my day so focused on my senses?  No, far from it.  However, when you feel a bit frazzled or like your stress levels are rising, this is a simple way to introduce a little bit of mindfulness and feel a bit calmer.  You don’t even have to stop what you’re doing or close your eyes.  All you have to do is pause slightly and focus on what’s really around you.

Give it a try the next time you feel stressed or anxious at work and let me know if you find it helpful.


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