Move It March

I’m a little bit late posting this as we are already 13 days into March, but better late than never, right?

If you’ve been a regular reader of this Blog you will know I’ve previously posted about the importance of getting more movement into our day, particularly for those of us who have desk jobs or who spend a long time sitting or standing in the one spot.  With this in mind, and being mindful of the recent research that shows a sedentary lifestyle is a harmful to health as smoking, I decided to take some action and make the March the month to ‘Move It’!

At the moment I’m loving working out with kettlebells.  My favourite move is the Kettlebell Swing, a full body workout that you can do with just one kettlebell and a limited amount of space.  My friend’s husband, Steve, says that if you’re short on time, space and money, invest in a kettlebell and do kettlebell swings – he is a former strong man competitor so he knows what he’s talking about!  I supplement my kettlebell fun with walking to work (15 mins maximum each way – I challenge myself by trying to make it in 10 mins), occasional yoga (I’m still trying to find yoga that doesn’t kill my wrists) and HIIT workouts from videos on YouTube – I like Fitness Blender.  I also meet friends for a 5km walk around our golf course here on camp on the evenings I don’t have clients or any other plans.

Over the years I’ve done various sports and activities and it pains me to say that right now is the most inactive I’ve ever been – something I am working to change as I hate feeling unfit.

Share some inspiration with me…  what’s your favourite sport or activity?  How long have you been involved in it and what got you started?  What keeps you motivated on days when you just feel like hiding under the duvet?


Each month will have a different theme so keep checking back to see what’s happening on a monthly basis.  And please do get involved – I love reading your comments.


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