August Goals

At the start of each month I like to set a few Wellness goals for myself, although I have to admit that July was a little bit ‘off’ as I had a very busy month with lots of socializing – I’m totally not complaining about this as I had such a great month but now I feel ready to feel healthy again.

So my August goals…

Stick to a mostly Primal lifestyle template:  this means eating real, unprocessed food, getting as much movement and activity into my day as possible, making sure I also get plenty of rest and sleep, having fun, nurturing relationships.  I tend to work towards an 85:15 ratio meaning 85% Primal compliant and 15% for occasional meals out or a few drinks with friends.  Yes, drinks.

I know some people say that alcohol cannot be compatible with a Primal lifestyle and it’s very true that our Primal ancestors didn’t head out to the bar with their friends, however if it’s done very occasionally and mindfully, there is no harm in enjoying a few drinks – try to stick to red wine (organic if possible) or clear spirits with soda water and a few slices of fresh lime/lemon.  My tipple of choice is a tall glass with lots of ice, lots of lime, a shot of good quality gin topped off with soda water – refreshing and delicious!

I’ll be back in the gym this month too – either using my kettlebell/Bulgarian bag combo at home or heading to the actual gym to lift a bit heavier.  Earlier in the year I set myself a goal to master pull ups, then I sort of forgot about it so this is back on the agenda.  Does anyone have any tips for mastering them?  I also want to try and deadlift more than 100kg.  A work in progress – I’ll keep you posted though it may take more than a month to get to tick these goals off!

Flexibility is something that I’m very, very bad at taking care of.  However, as I get older I’m more aware that I need to work on this so Pilates and yoga will be back in the mix too.  I really, really wish I could learn to love yoga so once again I’m going to do it with an open mind and see how I get on.  Does anyone else find they just don’t get yoga even if you love everything else about mindfulness and spirituality?

I’ll also be making sure to clear enough space and time for journaling and EFT when I need it.  I love using both these tools together to work through any blocks, stresses or anxieties that might crop up for me.

In addition to all of the above I’m still working on my Primal Blueprint Health Coach certification and I have signed up for coaching for myself and my business – all of which will help me learn and grow and will help my business thrive.  I’m really excited for the work I will do with my coach – it feels great to make this investment in myself.

What are your goals for August?  What investments have you made in yourself/would you like to make in yourself?

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