What’s your mission?

Do you feel like you have a great mission or passion in life that really makes you feel alive, full of energy and lights you up from the inside?  Do you talk about this amazing thing to people and feel like you’re glowing?  Can people feel your passion straight away?

How often do you get to indulge in this passion or share this mission?  Is it a huge secret, or do you regularly share it with friends and family?  Are you fortunate enough to get to live your mission and passion on a daily basis?

Here’s my mission and my passion…

There are quite a few things that I’m passionate about in this life, however I honestly feel that my mission is to help people create their best possible life.  This is what lead me to setting up The Mindful Journey – people can come to me to work through any problems they may have that may be holding them back from taking their life to the next level.  They may have big dreams that they want to realise but don’t really know where to start – that’s where I come in and this is what I love.  I absolutely love working with people to find out what they think they are passionate about, what they think is holding them back and with a little bit of conversation and intuitive work on my part it’s often found out that the issue is something else entirely.

This is where the real work begins and I makes me feel really happy and excited to see people dig deep, realise where the real blocks are, what the real dreams are and be open enough to look at their life from a mind, body and spirit perspective and realise that they can make changes for the better.  It’s the most exciting thing ever to see the look on people’s faces when they recognise that they things that held them back aren’t a problem any more.  I absolutely love what I do.

One of my favourite tools is EFT, I’ve written about this before and it’s something that I really wish was more mainstream as it’s incredibly effective and it can be done in various ways – a simple method of measuring your feelings on a scale of 1-10 or what I call ‘Intuitive EFT’ where I will read your body language and expressions as we tap, ask questions and dive deeper into issues.  Again, any version of EFT will always end up with clients feeling relief, joy, and a lightness as they realise they’ve let go of certain beliefs and emotions.  I’d definitely recommend you give it a try.

I’m also passionate about EFT and Mindfulness for kids and I get so excited when I hear that more schools are starting to incorporate sessions.  Imagine, as a kid, having tools on hand to deal with issues right there and then rather than carrying beliefs through to adulthood?

Another one of my passions is this – writing!  I love writing, for me it’s relaxing, it’s like having a chat with friends (although admittedly it’s a bit of a one-way conversation!) and sometimes it’s very therapeutic for me.  I’m still at the stage where I have to think long and hard about sharing really personal stuff but when I do, I’m always grateful I did it.  I also find that the more I write, the more ideas I have.  It really fires up my creative side and this makes me very, very happy indeed.

I also love photography although I’m no expert or professional.  For me it’s just something I really enjoy.  I like to look back at my photos and reminisce about people I travelled with, people I met, things I saw and did.  And while you can look back without photos, have some pictures brings so much more back and can give you so much more to discuss.  Plus photography is inspirational – you see pictures of somewhere you’d love to visit or somewhere you’ve never heard of and then you start to research…  could you plan a trip there?  I also don’t think I’m particularly good at photographing people so I’m always in awe of photojournalists and street photographers who capture so much emotion and activity in their shots.

These are just some of my passions.  For the past few months writing and photography have been taking a bit of a back seat and I only really woke up to the fact I was neglecting them when my life was feeling a bit one-dimensional.  All I seemed to be doing was working (in my day job) and studying.  Ironically, mindfully adding in writing and photography back into my life has made me feel like I have much more time on my hands as I’m filling my hours creatively and really loving what I’m doing.

Take this evening for example – I’ve watched a documentary about the Primal eating template for endurance athletes (Primal eating is another of my passions – so much so that I’ve started a separate Blog for this) and I’m writing, and it’s only just gone 8pm.

Let me know what you’re passionate about and what steps you take to make sure that passion/mission is part of your life.

One thought on “What’s your mission?

  1. Hi, I’m passionate about mindfulness which has made a huge difference to my life. I am now completing my mindfulness teacher training and am really looking forward to helping others. I also love writing and have co-authored a book with a friend of mine. I really believe that if we are passionate about something we should try our hardest to weave that passion into our lives until it is part of us.

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