Radical Forgiveness

This morning at work I was listening to a Mind Valley talk by Vishen Lakhiani while I was running some reports.  The subject of the talk touched on forgiveness and how the act of forgiving someone can bio-hack your brain.

So who do you need to forgive?

Who or what may you be holding a grudge against?

What negative memories keep playing over and over in your mind making you feel angry, anxious, scared, uncomfortable?

Don’t forget to include yourself in the list of people you may need to forgive.

Forgiveness work can take time, allow yourself the time and space to really and truly work on forgiving yourself, someone else, a situation.  Don’t stop until you can see yourself, the other person, the situation from a place of love and understanding.

Try to truly understand the reasons why you did what you did or said what you said.

Try to truly understand why the person in question did what they did, said what they said, or reacted the way they did.

Try to truly understand why a particular moment or period of time played out the way it did.

Imagine looking at this incident/other person/yourself and seeing it from a place of compassion, love and understanding.  Give it/them/you a hug, smile genuinely and kindly, feel the love and forgiveness in your heart.  Say ‘I forgive you’.

Let it go.

Why go to all this effort and drag up thoughts and feelings that might make you uncomfortable?  Remember at the start I mentioned that the talk I was listening to said that forgiveness was a way to bio-hack your brain?

Not forgiving keeps your mind stuck in the past and stuck in negativity.  That part of your brain won’t develop and grow, which means that you won’t fully develop and grow as part of you will always remain stuck in the past and stuck in negativity.

So give forgiveness a try and if you’re struggling and want to talk, just type ‘I’d like to talk’ in the comments below.

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