What do you love?

When you wake up in the morning, before jumping out of bed mad keen to start your day (or dragging yourself out from under the duvet), take a little mindful moment to look around you.

How do you feel about everything you see when you wake up?  How do you feel about every room you pass through and person you encounter as you go about your morning routine?  Think also about the things the touch, smell, hear and taste.

Does everything about your morning bring you joy?  Do you love the routines, people, things that are part of your day before you even head off to work?  If you do, express your gratitude.  You can do this aloud or in your head – if you have a partner or flatmates think how much it would mean to them if you told them how much you loved having them around in the morning.  Though if they aren’t used to you expressing loving thoughts in the morning you might want to keep the words inside your head as you thank the toaster or the hens for laying the eggs…

What if you don’t really feel the love for everything that surrounds you?  Well maybe it’s time to take stock.  Look at what makes you the happiest and see if you can rearrange things so that this is the first thing you see when you wake up.  If there’s something you really can’t stand but someone else in your house loves, see if it can be moved to their side of the bed or their bedroom so that they see something they love when they wake up.

For the things that everyone is agreed they don’t particularly like or need, arrange for the items to be taken to a charity shop, sold or recycled.  For the things that are a bit ‘meh’, a bit ‘yeah whatever’ look at what function they serve then go shopping and price up replacements that you really and truly love.  Think of the joy in replacing items over a period of weeks/months as your budget allows.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up each and every day surrounded by things that bring you joy and that you really and truly love?



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