Letting Go

Have you heard the old saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime?  A friend of mine recently discussed how difficult it can be to let go of friends and it’s been on my mind for a few days.

In the past this isn’t something I’ve struggled with.  Sometimes someone comes into your life who you really connect with, you love hanging out with them, they are good fun, or it’s someone you learn something from.  This person can be in your life for a few months, a few years and then one or the other of you moves on and you lose contact.  For me this has always been fine – sad at the time, but I’ve always been grateful for the time I had with the person.  I feel very fortunate and grateful that my life has been filled with pretty amazing people over the years.

But what happens when you connect with someone, you feel you’re on the same wavelength and you’ll be friends for life, then all of a sudden your that vibration, the one that made you feel like lifelong friends, just doesn’t match anymore?

This is where I’m at with a friend right now.  We’ve been friends for a long time and when we met we were both totally delighted with each other – talked for hours, loved each others’ different points of view (a learning opportunity for us both) but despite the differing points of view we had so much in common.  We laughed, we had epic nights out, it was a great friendship.  Over time life changed for both of us, we didn’t live in the same town anymore but we still kept in touch, still had great conversations and met up as often as was possible.  But now… now things feel very different.

I can’t really pinpoint what is different.  There was no disagreement, no falling out.  All I can say is that our vibrations have changed.  We used to vibe on the same frequency, the same plane, and now we don’t.

As I’ve gone on my spiritual journey I’ve come to rely on wisdom and guidance from my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides and the message very clearly is that my friend and I are connected at a soul level, in another life we will meet up again, but for this lifetime it’s time to let go.  I trust these messages 100% but I’m still finding it very, very difficult to walk away.  Deep in my soul I know that holding on is holding me back from doing the work I’m here to do, but my heart and my head are arguing the case for keeping the friendship alive.

I need to meditate on this one, to look at ways I can let go gently.  Even writing this makes me feel sad but I know it has to be done.

Right now, I feel like my heart is breaking just a little…

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

    1. I’m not closing any doors or burning any bridges, this is a good and dear friend. We’ve chatted about things and both agree that we’re on a different path and we probably won’t meet up or chat so much in future but we definitely aren’t cutting all ties.

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