Treat yourself to a Present Christmas

How do you normally spend Christmas morning?  With family, friends, on your own?  Do you have your laptop or phone with you all the time? For me, regardless of whether I’m with family or with friends, I have started to notice that my phone is sneaking its way into the festivities which means I’m not […]

Make the connection

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of lectures about Primal societies as I delve deeper into the whole Primal lifestyle template rather than simply focusing on food.  One thing I’ve noticed is that Primal societies were extremely sociable, and for good reason.  There is safety in numbers, and without all our modern conveniences (houses, supermarkets, […]

One Year On

One year ago today I packed my bags and headed to Saudi Arabia.  I must say it’s been the quickest year I can ever remember and also a whole lot of fun (and work, despite how it might seem at times, I do work). The morning when I left it felt a little bit like […]

Birthday Celebrations

When I first arrived in Saudi Arabia and started work, I was really pleased to note that Aramco had scheduled a long weekend at the time of my birthday as this coincided with Saudi National day.  As National Day falls today (Tuesday) we are given Sunday and Monday as holiday also, creating a lovely 5 […]


Last week I went home to Scotland for 5 days to spend some time with family and friends. Although it was an extremely short visit, it was well worth it and I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it – even the fact it was freezing cold! I split my time between friends […]

You shall go to the ball

Last weekend my friends and I attended a ball held by the Irish Society. A massive big ‘thank you’re to the lovely Avril for arranging tickets for us! The run up to the event was lots of fun in itself. Ballgowns for four please!! After much searching through every shop possible we were eventually all […]