What’s in it for me?

At the end of the day, this is what we all want to know isn’t it?  You’re thinking about spending some money, making an investment in something or someone and you want to know what you’ll get in return.  That’s human nature and it’s only natural.  I don’t know of anyone who blindly throws money […]


The following post is simply my own personal view – I’m not a political commentator, politician or activist and I wasn’t sure if I should post anything.  However, with the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister, I feel shaken and quite frankly scared for the future of my country.  I welcome comments of a respectful nature that will encourage […]

The stat connection

Today’s Daily Prompt involves checking your stats to see my top 3-5 posts and evaluating why they were so popular. I was surprised to find that, although my blog is primarily a travel blog, my top posts are only loosely travel related.  One of the main reasons for this, I think, is the fact that I […]

Daily Prompt: Say your name

When I was younger I always felt my name, Morag, was quite old fashioned, and on occasion I would wish for a more ‘modern’ name.  Little did I know then that as I got older I would find people would find my name interesting because it is so unusual in other countries. The name Morag is […]