Magical Monday: A Mindful fail

Sometimes, when you’re new at something, things don’t always go to plan.  Since I started incorporating mindfulness into my life a few months ago I have been trying hard to be aware of how I react in various situation.  In the past I was always quite a reactive person, quick to be irritated, or angry […]

On my way to work

Most mornings, unless it is too hot or too humid, I walk to work.   It takes around 10-15 minutes and every day I pass this pretty tree.  Most days I am cutting it fine to get to my desk on time, this morning however I had enough time to stop and take a picture. […]

New Year

A slightly belated Happy New Year! As New Year is not a Saudi celebration – a lunar calendar is used here so new year falls on a different day – and we had work (orientation) the next day, my friends and I decided we would have a quiet night in with pizza and some Saudi […]

First impressions

Reflecting back on my first few days in the Kingdom I can honestly say that so far everything is great. Granted I haven’t done any actual work yet but everyone I have met is so friendly and helpful. The flight out – business class – was amazing. Had a lovely meal, as many drinks as […]