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Hi and thanks for taking the time to visit The Mindful Journey.  I hope you’ve enjoyed what you read!

I’m Morag, and I’m a Coach from Scotland currently still working my day job in Saudi Arabia whilst learning and building my coaching business.

So what is a Coach and how can Coaching help you?

It’s true what they say, not everyone needs a coach but you may find that you would like one.  Do you have dreams that you would love to achieve but don’t quite know how to set about getting them?  Are there fears and blocks in your mind that stop you from making a start or do you just think (or even have people tell you) that you are being unrealistic?

What is your dream?  Is it any more unrealistic than anyone else’s?  What if the greatest inventors, creators, artists, athletes in the world had never followed their heart?  However, it’s true that for most of us fear plays a big part in putting ourselves out there for the world to see, heck it took me a long time to start this blog and my coaching practice – because of fear!

I individually tailor my coaching to each and every client so it’s difficult to put into words exactly what you could expect from working with me – it all depends on what you want from me as a coach.  It could be anything from working to make your dreams your reality, improving your health, improving your relationship, anything that you feel isn’t quite right and that you could use a bit of help with.  The one thing I do work on with everyone is achieving a balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.  These are the things I feel are absolutely essential to living your best possible life – look into the background of your favourite actors, athletes, etc and you will almost certainly find them talking of gratitude, of Universe/Spirit/God and of looking after themselves.

If you’re curious about coaching and how it can help you, I would like to invite you to experience coaching with me. 

Interested?  Fill in the form below and let’s arrange a time for your coaching experience.