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Hi and thanks for taking the time to visit The Mindful Journey.  I hope you’ve enjoyed what you read!

I’m Morag, and I’m a Wellness Coach from Scotland currently still working my day job in Saudi Arabia whilst learning and building my coaching business.

So what is a Wellness Coach and how can Wellness Coaching help you?

Wellness Coaching can bridge the gap between saying you want to improve your health and wellness and actually doing it.  A good Wellness Coach will give you the tools you need to take your health back into your own hands.

People often say they want to improve their health and fitness levels, lose a few pounds, eat more healthily and tone up.  All good goals to have, but somehow it can seem almost impossible to achieve.  You start of really enthusiastic, sign up to a diet plan and join the gym, but after a week or two you start to feel so hungry, you’re bored of counting calories and if you see another rice cake you’re going to scream.  The gym is packed after work, you don’t really have the energy for the workouts, so you skip a session and feel bad.  Before you know it you’ve missed a few more sessions and you’re not sticking to the diet exactly as it’s prescribed.  The pounds gradually start to creep back on, you get tired of it all and go back to ‘normal’.  Or of course, you have great willpower, stick with the plan for the prescribed month, six weeks or whatever but you’re really glad when it’s over and you can go back to ‘normal’ eating.  The result is often the same though – those pesky pounds start to creep back and you start to feel bad about yourself again.

What if I told you Wellness is not just about weight but it’s about a balance of Mind, Body and Spirit and that it all starts in the Mind?  Sure losing a few pounds is great and makes you feel good (unless of course you struggle to gain weight, then this is the last thing you’d want), but what if you found a way of life that gave you loads of energy, made your skin glow, you didn’t have to count calories and you could eat lots of delicious foods that were previously off limits?  What if you learned some really effective ways of changing your mindset to help you achieve these health goals?

This is where The Mindful Journey comes in.  My style of Wellness Coaching focuses on balancing Mind, Body and Spirit for ultimate Wellness.  If you’d like to be the one who is in control of your own health and wellness get in touch to arrange a FREE 30 minute introductory call or book a Wellness Session or  Wellness Package.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.