What’s your mission?

Do you feel like you have a great mission or passion in life that really makes you feel alive, full of energy and lights you up from the inside?  Do you talk about this amazing thing to people and feel like you’re glowing?  Can people feel your passion straight away? How often do you get […]

Who Are You?

When you meet someone new, inevitably the conversation will turn to what you do and what your interests are. When this happens, what do you say?  How do you tell them who you are?  Do you feel that your job is what defines you?  I often wonder why so many people feel this way – […]

August Goals

At the start of each month I like to set a few Wellness goals for myself, although I have to admit that July was a little bit ‘off’ as I had a very busy month with lots of socializing – I’m totally not complaining about this as I had such a great month but now […]

Investing in You = Happy You

I’ve just read an article on CBC news which suggests that hiring someone to do the jobs you most hate doing can make you happier. The research shows that if, for example, you hate ironing you could spend some money on an ironing service or a housekeeper.  This would free up a big chunk of your […]

Sometimes sadness

This is another one of those posts that I’m feeling a little (no, not a little, a LOT) scared of writing.  Part of my mind is telling me ‘you’re a wellness coach, don’t write this!’ but another part of my brain is telling me ‘no-one expects perfection, just write’. The ‘just write’ part is winning.  […]

Move It March

I’m a little bit late posting this as we are already 13 days into March, but better late than never, right? If you’ve been a regular reader of this Blog you will know I’ve previously posted about the importance of getting more movement into our day, particularly for those of us who have desk jobs […]

A little update

Once again it’s been a little while since I’ve written anything but with good reason… Since the New Year I’ve been working on developing my skills; I’ve been working with a coach (the wonderful and amazing Kierra Jones from ‘Women Who Shine with Kierra Jones’) and taking some more courses on mindset and EFT Tapping […]