What do you love?

When you wake up in the morning, before jumping out of bed mad keen to start your day (or dragging yourself out from under the duvet), take a little mindful moment to look around you. How do you feel about everything you see when you wake up?  How do you feel about every room you […]


What do you think of when you read this word? For me it has various meanings…  being committed to a partner or your family, committed to a cause of vocation or committed to an institution, mostly relating to mental health issues. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently in the ‘committed to a relationship’ […]

5 Senses Mindfulness

Think back on your day, do you think you were pretty focused and present or did you sort of drift through it, only vaguely aware of what was going on around you? If you feel you were focused, if I asked you what did you do on your lunch break what would you be able […]

Treat yourself to a Present Christmas

How do you normally spend Christmas morning?  With family, friends, on your own?  Do you have your laptop or phone with you all the time? For me, regardless of whether I’m with family or with friends, I have started to notice that my phone is sneaking its way into the festivities which means I’m not […]

Give it your all – one thing at a time

We are always told that the ability to multi-task is a good thing.  However, when you multi-task and feel like you’re getting lots done, how much attention are you paying to each thing you’re doing?  Do you feel absorbed in the task at hand or do you feel stressed and rushed as you jump from one […]

Magical Monday: A Mindful fail

Sometimes, when you’re new at something, things don’t always go to plan.  Since I started incorporating mindfulness into my life a few months ago I have been trying hard to be aware of how I react in various situation.  In the past I was always quite a reactive person, quick to be irritated, or angry […]

Where is Home?

‘Home is where the heart is’ as the saying goes, but what happens if you struggle to define where or what ‘home’ means to you? For me right now ‘home’ is two places:  Salsburgh, the village in central Scotland where I grew up and where my parents, sister and some of my friends live; and Dhahran, Saudi […]